More Nursery Progress

Friday, April 18, 2014

The last time I showed you “the other side of my bedroom” (the side opposite from the bed) it looked like this:


It’s still not finished, but I have made significant progress and it now looks like this:


Ahhhhh…so much better. It was a lot of work trying to find a home for everything that needed one. We have no attic, garage or under stair storage so you really have to make space where there is none. I like a good challenge so I can’t complain. I still need to finish the dresser, paint the bookshelf, style the bookshelves, wash the baby clothes, organize the dresser, and move the stroller/car seat to the car. Once I’ve got all of that done I can sit down and put my feet up for a little while.


I’ve got a few other projects in the works and a few I’ve completed so I will be back with more updates shortly. Have a great weekend!


Ikea Lamp Hack

Monday, April 14, 2014

When I moved the crib into my room I lost both of my nightstands and the lights that were on them. I’ve been exploring lighting options ever since but my expensive taste and tight budget was making it difficult to find something. I was trying to avoid adding yet another Ikea item to the room, but I really liked the size and price of the Arstid lamps.  I knew the silver color wouldn’t work in the room so I came up with idea to paint the base with some Rustoleum ORB spray paint.

Ikea-Lamp-post-4 Ikea-Lamp-post-6

For only $35 I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. They also fill up some of that space above the bed which is an added bonus. My headboard was a DIY project and although it looks like it would be hard to pull the chains,  there’s actually about 2 inches of space between the wall and the headboard in that section, leaving more than enough space to pull the chain.




I really like how they look at night when they are turned on, it makes the room feel so warm and cozy. My master bedroom used to be that room where I threw unwanted furniture and closed the door so guests couldn’t get a peek at how horrible it looked. Now it is hands down my favorite room in the apartment; I absolutely love it.



For more on how the room has been coming together check out this, thisthis, and this post.


Rope Lamp DIY

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You may remember from this post that there was a skinny arc lamp with a burlap shade in my kids’ room. It’s an old lamp from Target that used to have a paper lantern shade on it; that shade was torn during a move and the lamp had been sitting unused in the back of a closet for years. I finally decided to pull it out and use a burlap shade from World Market on it, but the shade was way too heavy and this is what happens…


This would happen at least a dozen times a day and for no reason other than the lamp base couldn’t support the shade.


I didn’t want to replace the lamp so I decided I would glue it back together and cover it with rope to give it a bit of a facelift.


The first thing I did was Gorilla Glue all of the joints, once that was dry I wrapped it in Duct Tape. I put the shade back on and tried it out like this for a few weeks just to make sure that it was going to stay together. Much to my surprise, it did. It didn’t fall apart once in 3 weeks… success! At this point I decided I would go ahead and move onto phase II which was adding the rope.


There was some trial end error involved when it came to the supplies I used. I looked at the skinny lamp and the skinny rope and thought I could get away with binder clips to hold it together while the glue dried…it didn’t work. I think if you have a smaller lamp base and a skinnier rope it would have worked fine, but for me I had to go and buy some clamps to keep the rope from unraveling as I was wrapping it.


These $0.99 clamps from Home Depot worked perfectly. My method was pretty simple, I just spread a generous amount of Gorilla glue in a vertical line up a small portion of the lamp base and then started wrapping the rope around, once I got to the end of the glue I added some more and then wrapped some more. I only clamped the bottom of the lamp and then the top of the lamp, but I had a moment of pure stupidity and first decided to clamp the lamp while it was in the upright position.


This was the result…the weight from the clamps caused one of the joints to snap in half and I very nearly cried. I was able to fix it by just spreading apart the rope enough to get to the duct taped joint and then I cut the tape and re-glued. I let it dry for another 24 hours and it was as good as new. You can still see the rop is a little looser in that section than it is everywhere else but I can live with it.




It’s been a few weeks since I did this project and it is still holding up just fine, I think I can officially call it a success.


If I were to do this again I would use a hot glue gun rather than the Gorilla Glue. The glue holds up fine, but since hot glue dries quickly I think this would have gone a lot faster and been a lot less messy. I had glue on my hands for a week from all of the unraveling and re-wrapping I went through before I bought the clamps. For a project that cost under $20 I really can’t complain, it adds some texture and visual interest to that corner so I am very pleased with how it turned out.




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