Dining/Office Update

A few weeks ago I posted about my plans for the office/dining space in my apartment. The office has been a work in progress for over a year now; I originally started working on it when it was in my master bedroom, but with the arrival of another little one coming in May I had to move it to the dining room. Over the past month or two I’ve been rearranging/de-cluttering and I finally have some progress to show you.


My original inspiration board called for some different organizational pieces as well as a different table top, but my plans changed, as usual. I love the look of a plank table top, but I thought it might be difficult to write on with spaces between the lumber. My daughter does homework here, my husband works here, I pay bills here, blog here, etc. and a lot of times we need to write on something (yes, even in this year 2014) so when I saw this table top at Ikea for only $14.99 I decided to snatch it up.


The dimensions were perfect and I like the thickness of it; it looks a lot more substantial than the last table top even though it’s just cheap particle board.

The little bamboo desk organizer is from Marshalls…I think. Maybe TJ Maxx…I can’t even remember now; let’s just blame that on pregnancy brain.  That lamp still looks strange standing straight up, but it was a broken thrift store find which I will replace some day. If you try to add any bend to it it just falls over, actually it falls over pretty frequently even standing the way it is. But it still omits light which is it’s real purpose, so we’ll keep it for now.


The pin board was an old picture frame, it used to hang in my master bedroom over the bed. I just pulled out the glass and cut some cork board to fit in there.


You may also notice the new clock…my original plan was to paint the old one which was an ugly brown/faux-stone one that I’ve had for years. I took it apart, painted it, and then managed to break it while putting the minute/hour hands back in. So, now we have a new clock which I found at Target. The iron “F” is from Restoration Hardware, I got it for 40% off at their outlet probably over a year ago now and have yet to hang it up until today. It’s really heavy and there is usually a high contact game of soccer/football/rugby/volleyball going on in here so I’ve been scared to hang it anywhere that it could fall on someone. Now it can only fall and break my printer which is my nemesis anyway. That thing likes to work for anyone who uses it except for me. I’ve almost picked it up and thrown it over the balcony so many times. I would love an excuse to replace it.


This slightly creepy mask with lip-liner circa the 1990’s is from New Mexico; my grandma used to live there and my mom brought it back for me when she went to visit. It’s unique and handmade and I love it.


The space is still what I would consider a work in progress, the file cabinet still needs a face lift and the mirror still needs to be moved down a bit, among other things. I originally thought I wanted to replace the green chair or paint it a different color, but now that I’ve added some color to the space I think I actually like it, I’m probably going to leave it that color.

I’ve got a few other projects in the works in other rooms and I can’t wait to share those as they get completed. Everything seems to wear me out these days, I have no idea how I worked full time and still did all of this “nesting” with my other kids. My energy level is just not where it used to be, I refuse to think it’s my age since I’m only 29. I’m just going to quit whining and keep chugging along.



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